Analysis Of The Relationship Between Incompleteness Of The Initial Medical Assessment Form Of Inpatients To The Near-Injury Incidence In The Mangusada Regional Hospital


Ni Putu Anggi Riyani1, Bambang Hadi Kartiko2, Dylla Hanggaeni Dyah Puspaningrum3

Program Studi Perekam dan Informasi Kesehatan, Universitas Dhyana Pura1,2,3

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Patient safety incidents are events that happen to patients intentionally or not so that the condition can become a potential or result in injury to patients which include Near-Injury Incidence (KNC), Unexpected Incidence (KTD), Unscathed Incidence (KTC), Potential Injury Incidence (KPC) and Sentinel, where this patient safety incident is not allowed to occur in patients and should even be preventable because this has been categorized as a  officer discipline. Based on preliminary observations at Mangusada Hospital, there is an increase in KNC in 2021 compared to other patient safety incidents, namely KTD, KTC, KPC and Sentinel which have decreased every one year. In 2019 there were 41 cases, KNC in 2020 there were 68 cases of KNC and in 2021 it increased to 97 cases of KNC. The purpose of the study was to determine the relationship between the incompleteness of the initial medical assessment form of inpatients to KNC at Mangusada Hospital. The research design used is quantitative analytics. The study sample was an incomplete initial medical assessment form for inpatients as many as 120 in October - December 2021 with sampling using purposive sampling techniques. The instrument of this study is observation and checklist, using univariate and bivariate data analysis. The results of the study from 120 initial medical assessment forms of inpatients obtained incomplete identification reviews totaling 14 (11.7%), incomplete authentication reviews 23 (19.2%), incomplete important reporting reviews 66 (55%) and in incomplete documentation reviews 17 (14.2%). Based on the results of the chi-square test, it was found that the four reviews on the initial medical assessment form of inpatients had a significant relationship with the occurrence of KNC with a p-value of <0.005. The conclusion of this study is that there is a significant association of the incompleteness of the four reviews on the initial medical assessment form (identification review, authentification review, important reporting review and documenting review) to the occurrence of KNC with a p-value = 0.000.

Keywords: Incomplete of Initial Medical Assessment Form, Near-Injury Incidence

Published: 2022-11-07