1Faculty of Medicine, University of Sumatera Utara, Medan, Indonesia


Background:Most clinicians are focusing on artery’s complications that might be happen due to manipulation on artery while the PCI procedure. However, vein’s complication is also happen in rarity.
Case description: A 69-year-old female patient was undergone an elective-PCI procedure. Patient’s medical history with hypertension and hyperlipidemia; pacemaker implanted; decreased effort tolerance-shortness of breath; significant mid RCA and LAD lesion shown by CT Coronary Angiogram. The PCI procedure was done through access of the right common femoral artery. A 6-FrenchCordisExoseal for vascular closure device was utilized.
After discharging, the patient complained of a painful swelling of her right leg. Physical examination showed diffuse swelling of the entire right leg and bruising around the puncture site. A vascular Doppler study was performed. It demonstrated thrombus in the right proximal superficial femoral vein.

Published: 2017-11-04