KeikoYolanda Gunardi1, Telly Kamelia2
1Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Indonesia
2Respirology and Critical Illness Division, Internal Medicine Department
Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital/ Faculty of Medicine Universitas Indonesia


Introduction: Tuberculosis (TB) remains as ignificant global health problem,but it is possibly curable when TB is detected and effectively treated. Drug resistant become the hardest challenge to cure this disease. The Multidrug resistance TB is of ten linked to the diversity of Mycobacterium tuberculosis genotype.This study aimed to investigate whether diversity of genetic profile M.tuberculosis influenced the drug resistance.
Methods: A literature search was conducted in several electronic databases. PubMed, Proquest, and Scopus were used to find articles which investigate the association between diversity of MTB genotype and drug resistant. After applying the inclusion and exclusion criteria,there were six eligible articles. However, after restricting more thoroughly, there were only one case control study was used for appraisal.
Results:One case control study identified the impacts of genetic profile diversity and drug resistant was found. It also compared HIV infected and non HIV patients.A total of 158 samples were used. The association between drug resistance mutation and genetic strain background was strongly established (P<0.0001). The most frequent mutations in Switzerland were poB (S531L) resistance to rifampin and katG (S315T) which was resistant to isoniazid. The study found that genetic background, especially lineage 2 (Beijing strain) of the M.TB had a high association with drug resistance.This association was stronger formulation drug resistance and in HIV positive patients. (OR19,70;95%CI,1,30to298,19;P=<0,0001).
Conclusion: Current evidence showes there was a clear evidence that the diversity of genetic give an impact to resistant of the drug. It is recommended that future studies in Indonesia is needed to demonstrate consistent effects in clinical settings since Indonesia is an endemic area for Tuberculosis
Keywords: M.Tuberculosis, genome, genotype, genetic Profile, TB-HIV, TB-Natïve, drug resistance

Published: 2017-11-04